This repository contains artifact evaluation guide for ACSAC'22 submission SPACELORD: Private and Secure Smart Space Sharing.

The Spacelord artifacts can be broadly separated into four categories:

  1. Hub image (4.3)
    • This is a disk image uploaded to the board. It contains Spacelord bootloader, image downloader, and the signature generator.
  2. User token and OS image (4.2, 4.4, 4.5)
    • User token communicates with Spacelord bootloader to upload user image after verifying the identity of the hub.
    • We provide reference implementation of user token as a Linux userspace program.
  3. Peripheral image (4.6)
    • Reference implementation of Spacelord protocol on ESP32-based camera device.
  4. Image and storage server

All artifacts can be downloaded at this OneDrive link.

Note: "Sledgehammer" is the old codename for this project and may appear in some of the artifacts.